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Lukasz Bakowski nominated for Archiprix International 2019

Buro Sant en Co is proud to share that Lukasz Bakowski has been nominated for the Archiprix International 2019 for his master thesis. Lukasz has worked for Buro Sant en Co Landscape architecture as design assistant for some years now. He managed to combine work and completing a master degree in landscape architecture at Wageningen University, which is quite an achievement.

Lukasz Bakowski
Lukasz comes from Warsaw, where he studied at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and finished his bachelor in Landscape architecture. Accordingly he came to the Netherlands to do his master in landscape architecture at Wageningen University & Research. He graduated in December 2017.

The Garden of Tears
Lukasz’s master thesis is titled ‘The Garden of Tears’, covering a Design Research For Polish National Forum: In Looking For Polish Identity – an architectural claim of today’s generation. His master thesis supervisors were Adriaan Geuze and Daniel Jauslin associated to Wageningen University & Research.

Polish identity
The Garden of Tears presents an architectural claim of the nowadays troubled society. 21st Century is a century of contradiction, coexistence of contrasts, past and present, connection and disconnection to tradition, in Warsaw reaching an apogeum.
Today’s Polish society is in stress about its identity. It is desperately trying to reinvent it again, especially at the time of creeping homogenization and cultural globalisation within the current debate about understanding of the Polish national identity.

The catalogue of failure in Polish history produced generations of martyrs and exiles, a fascination of death and fatality in Polish mentality. Understanding, that death and trauma defines Polish identity influenced the cult of the nation seen via the dead.

The answer of what constitutes a nowadays Polish nation is reflected in the design of the Forum for Polish sorrows, traumas and complexes, a mirror of the contemporary Polish society in the form of an urban park in the post-soviet city core of Warsaw, Polish capital. The design creates an image where fantasy and reality intertwines, an image of what we see, imagine and remember.

Archiprix International
Archiprix International is a biennial competition. With each edition Archiprix International presents a new generation of the world’s best architects, urban designers and landscape architects, based on their graduation projects. The winners are considered the worlds most talented emerging architects, urban designers and landscape architects, who are ready and equipped to tackle all imaginable contemporary assignments.

Best graduation project
All university-level training colleges around the world are invited to take part by selecting and submitting their one and only best graduation project. Individual graduates cannot apply themselves, only graduation projects finished in the last two years selected by a university as their best graduation project are accepted. Lukasz Bakowski project has been acknowledged as the best graduation thesis, submitted by Wageningen University & Research.

Archiprix International presents the submitted projects on her website, in a book, exhibitions and films. It forms the largest presentation of graduation work and offers unrivalled insight into current trends in design education globally and architecture generally.

Archiprix International 2019
Lukasz’s master thesis is nominated for Archiprix International 2019, which will be held in Santiago, Chile in April/May 2019. Buro Sant en Co congratulates Lukasz with the nomination and wishes him luck in becoming the winner!

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